Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Anna's Review of All the Way by Jennifer Probst

Title: All the Way
Author: Jennifer Probst

The food critic…

Miranda Storme never expected to see Gavin Luciano again. Three years ago, they had an intense affair—and then he bolted. Now he’s back, and Miranda has the pleasure of a little payback: a scathing review of his restaurant. Revenge is a dish best served the first chance you get…

And the restaurateur…

With three months to make his family’s struggling Italian restaurant successful, a bad review is Gavin’s worst nightmare. But this isn’t just about the meal. He's finally realized what he left behind and is determined to spend the next eight weeks proving himself to her in the kitchen…and in the bedroom! This is one dish she won’t be able to refuse.

Anna’s Review

I’m a big fan of Jennifer Probst’s Married to a Billionaire series, and I was really looking forward to reading her new book.  This story just lacked her usual charm and I often had trouble liking her characters.
Miranda is extremely bitter over Gavin’s break-up and Gavin expects her to leave her life behind once he declares his love.  Miranda eventually gets over her anger and Gavin realizes that his life needs to change if he wants to be with her.  I just didn't enjoy the journey they had to take to get there.

The restaurant scenes and Gavin’s family were charming and entertaining, but they didn't make up for the romance that just seems to miss the mark.

I will continue to read Jennifer Probst’s work, she’s a fun author.  This particular book just didn't do it for me.

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