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Nothing says summer like sex in the pool! Please enjoy this excerpt from my novel Trust Me

He didn't know how long he had been asleep, but he was instantly awake when he heard the house alarm beep signaling someone had opened a door.  Within seconds he heard the sound of splashing water.   He rose quickly from the bed not even bothering to put on his clothes, dashing from the bed only wearing his boxers. Grabbing his gun, which he had previously placed under his pillow, he rushed towards Alaina's room to ensure that she was still safe.  Instead he found her bed empty. A horrifying thought occurred to him that someone might have taken her to the pool to drown her.  After rushing down the steps, he stealthily approached the back door, cursing himself for not having the forethought to wake McAllister for back-up. But now it was too late to turn back without possibly alerting a potential attacker.  Reaching the sliding glass door, he pressed himself up against the wall to ensure he could not be seen from the outside. He then discreetly looked through the glass to gauge the situation. 
Donovan felt the tension ease from his body as he immediately realized Alaina was merely swimming.  He was about to return to his room when he realized that she was completely naked.  His cock was instantly hard with arousal at seeing her naked body glisten in the water. He stood there watching her, unable to move.  He knew he should go back upstairs, letting her swim undisturbed but he also knew he couldn't let that happen.  With a sense of fatalism, he pulled the sliding glass door open and stepped onto the patio.  Adrenaline was coursing through his body at the sight of her.
Alaina looked up startled when she heard the door, stopping her swim stroke to stand in the shallow end, breathing a sigh of relief when she realized it was just Donovan.  That was before she remembered that she was completely naked, and before she noticed that Donovan was standing in front her in a pair boxer briefs that did nothing to hide his obvious arousal.  It was apparent that he had been watching her. She should be offended, even angry, but she wasn't. Instead she found herself excited.  She stood there, frozen, unable to move, entranced by his perfect physique.  He looked better without his clothes on she thought, while she scrutinized his taut muscular frame.  She knew he was aware that she was practically caressing every part of his body with her eyes, but she didn't care.  Her perusal seemed to only excite him further.  She returned his stare unashamed of her nudity.  She noticed his eyes were fixed on her breasts staring at her nipples that were hard and pebbled with the chilly night air.  She lifted her hands and caressed her breasts while he watched.  She felt bold and reckless as she tempted him to come to her.  She let out a moan as her body responded to her own touch.
Donovan unashamedly removed his boxers, his erection jutting forward proudly. Walking toward the pool slowly, giving her time to deny him, a denial that was not to be forthcoming from Alaina's lips.  He stepped into the pool, descending the same underwater stairs Alaina had minutes before.  She moved forward as he submerged himself in the water, meeting him as he reached the bottom of the steps.  No words were spoken, none were needed as their arms wrapped around each other.  Donovan's head descended, kissing her passionately as if his thirst for her was unquenchable. He plundered her mouth ruthlessly with his tongue, delving as deeply as possible.  Alaina returned his kiss with equal fervor, her naked body pressing closely against his; she could feel his hard cock as he rubbed it erotically against her clit in the water, which only served to excite her further.   She heard herself panting as he pulled her down onto the pool steps, her body half in and half out of the water. Leaning down, he began to gently suck on her nipple as his hand went the apex between her thighs.  As his finger penetrated her slit, slowly moving in a circular motion, a moan was forced from deep inside her.
 “God your nipples are so beautiful and responsive,” he said as he brought his mouth down once again to tug on her nipple with his teeth, “Does that feel good or is it too hard?”
Slightly stunned at his intimate questions, but turned on, she answered slowly, “Ah, it feels really good.”
 He tugged at it a little harder and her nipple puckered even more.  God he wanted inside her, but he didn’t want to rush.  He worked his tongue around her nipple tugging and pulling with his teeth as he let her moans guide him.  He massaged her other breast with his hand. He then moved his head to her other nipple repeating the actions of sucking and pulling.  She thrust her chest forward trying to get closer to his mouth encouraging his attention.   Gently, but not too gently, he bit at her nipple, causing her to cry out.
“Did I hurt you?” he asked in a low voice.
“No, I mean it hurt, but in a very good way.”
Her breathless response succeeded in arousing him further, something Donovan had not thought possible.  He supported her by holding her lower back, the buoyancy of the water making his task easy.  Donovan's mouth began an erotic journey down her body as if it was savoring every touch, every taste of her skin. 
“Alaina, I have to taste you.”
She opened her eyes, returning his intent look. “Yes,” she said, her voice sounding hoarse to her ears. 
“I’m going to make you come with my mouth. I’m going lick your beautiful pussy until you come and then I am going to fuck you hard until you come again.  Tell me you want that!”
She nodded, excited by his blunt explicit words.  She had never had a lover speak to her that way, but instead of offending her, it was making her, hotter, wetter.  She felt her clit throbbing at the thought of him touching her that way. Was that possible?
“Alaina, say it!  Tell me what you want” 
“I want you to eat me until I come and then I want you to fuck me hard!”  What was he doing to her, she thought, she would do anything he asked.
“Good girl, let’s get started.” Ever so slowly his mouth traveled down her stomach until he reached her clitoris, giving it a swift little nip.  He raised his head stroking her mons, which was free of any hair. “No hair? Just smooth soft skin.  Do you wax?”
She shook her head, feeling slightly awkward, “Uh, laser hair removal.”
 He smiled sensually. “Good, then there is nothing getting in between you and my tongue.”   He placed her legs on his shoulders, supporting her while she floated on her back as he lowered his mouth between her legs.  He ran his tongue across her slit. “God you’re always so wet for me, and you taste delicious.” His mouth returned to her clit, alternating between rubbing it rhythmically and then sucking her clit hard.  He began to penetrate her with his finger while stimulating her clit with his tongue.  Alaina began jutting her hip forward while he fucked her with his mouth and hands.  He lifted his head and said, “Shhh, calm down, stop moving, I told you, I’ll make you come.  Don’t move.” 
Don’t move, was he kidding?  At this point she was craving release.  Protesting she said, “I can’t help it. I need to move. I want you deeper.”
“Trust me, be still and it will be so much better,” he said as he placed his head lower and stroked her slit with his tongue.  Alaina thought she had never experienced feelings so arousing as the ones she was feeling now.  The combination of the water lapping around her body while his mouth was on her was quickly taking her to the edge.  She felt him pierce her pussy with his tongue, jutting it in and out. 
“Please Donovan, I need to come,” she begged.
He gave a throaty chuckle, “Don’t be so impatient,” he said as he returned his attention to her clit, sucking the nub into his mouth.  He swirled his tongue around while he continued to suck.  He felt her clit swell and sensed that she was very close to coming.  Not yet he thought.  He wanted her to hold off just a little longer.   He raised her knees over his shoulder to provide himself even better access to her vagina. “Oh baby, I could stay here all night.  You taste so good.” He nuzzled closer licking up her cream. “Hmm all this for me,” he said as he nibbled, teased and prodded with his mouth.
Just when she thought she was going to come he pulled back and her excitement subsided.  God, he was teasing her and she thought she might go insane.
“I think you’ve waited long enough. Are you ready to come now?”
Was he for real? “Yes, please!”
His mouth returned to her clit and he sucked it hard into his mouth.  The intensity brought her to the edge she had been craving and the excitement became uncontainable, bringing her to a climax that racked her body with uncontrollable shudders.  Her orgasm was overwhelming and she cried out. Donovan gently placed her down once again on the steps, lowering his mouth to hers.  She could taste herself on his lips which she found strangely erotic.
“That was unbelievable,” she gasped.
He raised his head and responded, “I’m not finished yet.  Are you ready for me to fuck you?”
His blunt word continued to excite her. “God, yes!  Please!”  How could she be so eager when she had just come?
He chuckled softly, pleased with the state of her arousal.  He probed her pussy with his finger, “You are so wet and ready for me.  Please tell me you are on the pill!”
“Yes, I’m on the pill.   Please I need your cock inside me.”
Grabbing his shaft with one hand he pressed her down onto the steps, entering her slowly, savoring the feel of being inside her at last.   He knew he was bigger than average so he was cautious as he moved his cock further into her hot pussy.  God she felt good! She gasped as he inched forward. 
“Are you okay?” he asked.
  “Yes, it just that you’re so big, but it feels good.” And okay, she thought, it had been a long time, but he didn’t need to know that.
He chuckled at her answer as he pushed further forcing her body to accept his.  Eventually their bodies wet and slick from the water joined easily, and as Donovan slid inside her his deep blue eyes remained focused on hers.  Neither of their gazes wavered as they took possession of each other.  She felt herself stretching to accommodate his large girth as he eased in and out of her.
Alaina wrapped her legs around Donovan as he began to move, the water lapping them with each movement, increasing the intensity of all of their senses.  Donovan held on to her ass as he thrust, pushing upward, hitting just that sensitive spot.
“God, Donovan, it’s too much.”
“No baby, it’s not enough,” he responded and pushed inside her even deeper.  Water sloshed around them enhancing the erotic sensations. He placed his knees on either side of her as she sat on the pool step, pressing even closer.  Grabbing both her breasts he pushed them together sucking on both nipples simultaneously while he continued to pound away at her at vagina.  She was so tight it felt like she was grasping his penis as he moved.  He slowed his pace because he wanted it to last.  He wanted her to remember what it felt like as he stroked in and out of her.  Alaina tightly wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him closer.  He placed his hands on either side of face before lowering his mouth to hers.  Kissing her deeply he continued to move in and out.  She felt like he was savoring her body as his tongue and penis shared a distinct rhythm thrusting into her.
He lifted his head. “God you’re so beautiful.” He moved his finger to her clit and rubbed.
She jerked against him as he rubbed mercilessly. 
“Don’t move Alaina or I’m going to come.”
She shook her head, and said, “Just come, I came before remember?”
“I want you to come again,” he insisted as his fingers played with her, working their magic.  She whimpered and forced herself against his fingers.
“I told you not to move, you never listen,” he chided as he began pushing his cock into her channel again while he teased her clit. 
It throbbed with excitement and she realized she was going to orgasm again. “Donovan, I am going to come!”
“Don’t fight it, baby, just let go,” he said, his voice sounded raw.
Donovan’s couldn’t hold back any longer.   His intensity and rhythm was fast and without mercy.  He had wanted to keep their movements slow, but as their excitement grew, his pace had continued to build. 
Donovan looked at Alaina intently. “I am not going to be able to hold back much longer. Your pussy is so tight, and it feels too good.”  Alaina moaned at his words.    Donovan began pounding into her almost ruthlessly.  He held her thighs firmly up on his shoulders, exposing her in way she had never felt before. 
“Come for me Alaina, let me feel you come around my cock.” 
She didn’t know if it was erotic words or his finger on her clit, but she shattered once again.  Donovan could no longer hold back, his orgasm followed at the sound of her climax.  His release came with shattering force.  He felt himself fill her with his come, loving the idea that he had left his mark on her. They lay together entwined in the water, panting, stunned from the magnitude of their experience.

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